Only vaccinated persons are invited to attend on-site events at Malvern Sweat Lodge.  Click here for our COVID19 Protocols

If you have never been here for a sweat lodge, you will need to introduce yourself in writing in order to be invited.   The best way to introduce yourself is to use the on-line from at (click where it says "to Reserve a spot")

There is a several step process which you can expect some days or weeks to accomplish.  If you are interested in coming with someone else, that person must also complete this process themselves.  Do not procrastinate.  The sweat lodge registration period ends 48 hours before the sweat lodge and it may take several days to exchange emails.


If you don't want to use that on-line form, you can use email.  Your email should include your address, cell number and it should follow the following  protocol: 

1) Read the Sweat Lodge Q&A

2) Write an introductory email to me and tell me something about yourself.  Please be sure to include all the items asked for:   

        a) How are you called to the sweat lodge?

        b) How did you find us?  If someone who has been here told you about us, tell me that person's name.  

        c) Have you been to sweat lodges before?  Tell us about any prior sweat lodges you have attended, where, with whom, how was that experience.      

        d) To be sure you have read the Sweat Lodge Q&A, tell me which question seemed most important to you, and why. *this is required!!! (If this seems like a test, it is.) Please follow this link to the online introduction form:

3) If you answer all the above we will respond to your introductory email with information on how to use the sweat lodge web registration system and directions.

We may ask for more information and we expect that there may be some people we will not invite to join us at a lodge.  This is our prayer, not a store, and we reserve the right to decline attendance to anyone, at our discretion, even without an explanation.  The most likely reason that we may turn someone away is if they display a sense of entitlement or if they seem unable or unwilling to follow these directions.

It's a lot easier to use the on-line form at: (click where it says "to Reserve a spot")

WHY AM WE BEING "SO MEAN"?  After 13 years of doing ceremony here, we came to the attention of the local government.  Some neighbors had expressed concern and we were required to cease operations for a few weeks.  After some time of prayer, we met with the local zoning officer and found him to very helpful.  He had done his home work and understood the spiritual nature of the sweat lodge and that they could continue after we made it clear that we were not doing "for pay" workshops here.  And reflecting about it all, it is clear that the things that the neighbors might find annoying are the same things that we have concerns about.   The neighbors sometimes feel that there are too many cars, too many people, and they worry about "what kind of people" come here.  These are things that concern us also.  When more people show up for a lodge than expected, we end up with too many people and too many cars.  Those are the times when we feel that the sacredness of the sweat lodge is not respected.  And if people come here without a sensitivity for the sacredness of the sweat lodge ceremony, we join with the neighbors in wondering what kind of people are coming here.    

Here are some things that are important to know:

    1) Sweats will be limited to fewer about 15 attendees - all must be vaccinated. We generally invite only one or two "new people" to a specific sweat lodge.

    2) Attendees will have to pre-register at least 48 hours before a sweat (registration will not be available until 21 days before a sweat)

    3) Registration will be done at an online ticketing service, you will have to write to me to get the link

    4) DO NOT BRING ANYONE who has not introduced themselves by the procedure above.  This is our sacred prayer, not a store, and we owe it to ourselves as well as our neighbors, to know who comes here.  

    5) BE ON TIME:  plan things so you can be here at least one half hour before a ceremony and plan to be here for up to four hours.

    6) There is no charge for this ceremony. We will have a basket out for anonymous donations to help reduce the burden on our host - give as much or as little as you want, no one will know what you give.

     I know that these
things will make it harder for some people.  Well, in a sense that IS the intent.  You see, although we nurture our sense of spontaneity, we must temper that with responsibility.  And nowhere else is this more important than in our spiritual life.  A daily meditation practice is dependent on disciplined action and so is our prayer.  The right attitude towards prayer includes a level of consciousness that would suggest planning ahead, a commitment to being on time, and planning so a conscious contribution can be made.